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GPS Trackers

Asset Tracking

Bring comprehensive visibility and security to your high-value assets

GPS Trackers

Fleet Safety

Help reduce risk, coach drivers, and improve the safety of your fleet at all times

GPS Trackers

Fleet Sustainability

Reduce impact on the environment and promote sustainable development with IoT solutions.


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How do we Operate?

At Togree, our focal point of attention has always focused on our clients and partners' needs for excellent services.
We provide detailed insight into our client's needs, which includes providing sustainable technology and business infrastructure.
In filling those needs, we've created a well experienced team which helps in identifying and creating solutions based on clients' needs.

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Our Main Services

We provide vasts of products and services that are primarily focused on automotive tracking solutions and Personal monitoring.
Our products include; State-of-the-art, maintenance of faulty, the provision of training services related to GPS tracking, and lastly the installation of the vehicle and human GPS tracking devices.

Our Products

IoT essentially makes Vehicle Tracking solutions a lot more efficient, economical, and automated. Togree offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products dedicated to professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet the expectations of our customers.

Why you should join us?

As a client, investing in technology means expecting results and maximizing your return and at Togree, we couldn’t agree more. The following are reasons why you should choose Togree :
Outstanding Value
We aim at providing you with transcendent certified GPS products at a competitive value with pocket friendly prices.

Continuous software updates
Using our GPS tracking devices and our various platforms, we continue to improve and update our services to ensure that you receive up-to-date information about our products and services.

Product warranties
We ensure that we provide the most durable and reliable products by backing up our GPS fleet tracking devices with a one-year warrantee

Custom GPS solutions
With the help of our exclusive tracking GPS tracking system, we are able to help our clients customize their fleet tracking devices with the tools that they will need and eliminate those that they won’t need. As our client, you have a variety to choose from such as activity report trucks, speed reports, real time update, map re reading, fuel monitoring among others.
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Do not just develop it, own it

At Togree, we care about every step required to make your business a great one. We extend our company's culture and business strategies to help your business get it to the ground and enhance it with the potential to grow amazingly.

Providing technical support to an exception level

Our technical team are experienced and willing to help you when the need arises. We also provide our custom IoT Tracking software platform Trackgree that allows our clients and business partners to track their products with their mobile devices to personal computers.

Making the product easy-to-understand

In extending our company's culture and business strategies, we help our partners and clients with educational packages tailored to grow their businesses and retain their relevance in the industry.

Need support with your marketing?

Reaching out to potential customers in a noisy world is getting complicated for businesses. At Togree, we help our clients get their words to the right customers at the right time with our highly trained marketing experts who can bring traction to your business using both traditional and modern marketing strategies.

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Shipping and Tracking

All orders received are shipped not less than 24/hrs after the order has been confirmed, we also provide our clients and partners the ability to track their orders with our real-time tracking platform and that of our shipping partners spread across Asia and Africa.


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Why should you track your Vehicles and Fleet?

Many benefits surround the need to track your vehicles with the availability of IoT vehicle trackers like TK08 and tracking platforms like Trackgree.

Car Trackers will help you manage and monitor your fuel usage, driver safety when an emergency incident happens, and also increase productivity in picking out the shortest way to a destination.

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